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TV5 Québec Canada provides specialty channels nationwide to promote and expand the cultural, social and linguistic diversity of Quebecois, Canadian and international French culture.

TV5 is a French-language channel with programming from various Francophone countries, including Canada. Unis TV, meanwhile, focuses on the accomplishments and aspirations of French-Canadian communities from coast to coast. TV5 and Unis TV are included in basic cable and satellite subscription services across Canada.

TV5 Québec Canada also offers a wide range of content on different online platforms, most notably original web series financed by the TV5 fund for digital creation, and the Francolab educational platform for learning French.


TV5 has been providing a broad array of Francophone perspectives on the world since 1988. With a generous mix of accents and sounds, it promotes the comprehension of the world through the discovery of its peoples, societies and cultures. TV5 offers a carefully curated selection of quality programming from Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Africa, thanks to its partnership with TV5MONDE and others. With a solid commitment to the values of openness and sharing the French language, TV5 caters to an inquisitive audience interested in all the world has to offer. For more information: tv5.ca

Unis TV

Unis TV sets out to reflect the rich diversity of French life in Canada. With content filmed and produced in every region of the country, programming is generalist in nature and always entertaining. The channel also provides an outlet for French creativity, contributing to the production of original content outside Montreal and Quebec, and thus opening the door for the next generation of audiovisual talent throughout the country. From east to west, Unis TV provides quality content and helps to build bridges between the country’s Francophones. For more information: unis.ca

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